We often take bookings for private parties and events and enjoy them thoroughly. We proud to offer something completely different to the old tribute band or disco. We love nothing more than to tailor a performance for an intimate party around the piano to a large scale corporate event. We have years of experience in this and feel we know a little about what works best so would hope you might take some points from us...

First of all we need a good quality grand piano (surprise). Don't panic! They're far easier to manoeuvre than you think and there are hundreds of piano hirers around the country - many of which know who we are and are happy to deal with us directly regarding the hire for you if you'd prefer. It doesn't need to be a huge piano and we must point out that a grand piano takes up very little more room than an upright. Daily hires can be very reasonable indeed. We regret we are unable to perform on an electric piano as we'd probably blow it up!

We've played in people's sitting rooms for after dinner parties and stately homes for lavish suppers. We wouldn't need anything more than a piano for small scale stuff like that. We've performed outdoors in the gardens of mansion houses but we need to be seen - so make sure that everyone is sat and can see us clearly. If outdoors then we really need to be heard too so we'd certainly need to be amplified.

If you're holding a large scale event with presentations, awards and a full meal then having us play right at the very end generally isn't a good idea. It's best to have the entertainment nearer the beginning of the ceremonies - perhaps after welcome drinks and before the meal or in some cases it can where we perform for you between courses - but only once as returning for a second set is known in this business as 'diminishing returns'.

We have all the equipment required for large events including a full PA sound system, projection equipment, amplification etc so this need not be a concern for you. You can relax and concentrate on other things. We would require a couple of hours at least to set up and get everything tested however.

Get in touch with us to chat about your event however small or big it may be!